All premium beard oils and balms are organic and handmade!

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Why Choose Us?

Choose us because our products are based on science, not just scent. Overtime, you will notice an improvement in skin and hair quality that was lacking with the use of other inferior products. Choose us because you deserve nothing but the best. Our all natural product line consist of Extra Virgin Argan oil, Golden JoJoba oil, and all natural essential oil blends. Argan and JoJoba oil are two of the best oils available for making beard oil and other skin care products. These two main ingredients are 100% unrefined, natural, and organic. They are derived from high quality cold pressed methods to ensure your skin and hair receives all of the vitamins and nutrients needed to promote healthy hair growth. Most beard oils and products on the market do not contain these essential ingredients. If so, some use refined versions which are stripped of their natural beneficial nutrients. Our beard care products are great for all hair types, but they are specially formulated for African American men. We use a unique blend of all natural essential oils formulated to reduce skin irritation, inflammation, and help prevent ingrown hair. Give us a try, and we hope you enjoy!

The products are made with the finest ingredients. When used, you can see healthier skin and hair right away. Salute to beard brothas. Y’all GOATED with this.

DeAndre W
A Very Pleased Customer.

I rarely write reviews. As a matter of fact, I can probably count the number of reviews I have written on one hand. I had to make an exception this time. The bald head balm moisturizer is the BEST! Boardroom, Boaz and especially Sweet Tobacco are out of sight! Not only do they satisfy my moisturizer needs, they also have very distinct and appealing scents. Keep doing what you’re doing brotha!

Corey H
Satisfied Customer

After using your bald head balm, I woke up this morning and happened to touch my head and wondered why my head was so soft and smooth. Man, you might be on to something.

Birmingham, Alabama

Very good keeps my Beard maintain and helps it grow more I would recommend this product to anybody that wants to have a good growth.

Jason M
Saint Paul, Minnesota.

How We Got Started

Patrick Woodruff

Owner, Beard Brothas

Have you ever been torn between making a choice between so many different products? With so many different choices, how do you decide which is the right one for you? That's where I was as I faced the many decisions regarding my beard products of choice. As an African American man, I concluded that due to my unique hair and skin type, there had to be some oils that were more beneficial than others. If so, THAT'S THE COMBINATION I WANTED. After careful reading and research, I found the most important blend of oils that would provide the highest level of moisture and nutrients to my dry course hair. After creating my own products and enjoying the benefits of these mixtures, I decided that I should share my oils with others. That launched the beginning of Beard Brothas.